The perception of beauty that is demonstrated in Olivia’s work can elevate any client’s vision to the next level.


Private Buyer

Paintings are often bought by individuals desiring to add to their art collections by contacting me directly or purchasing through galleries where my work is shown.



Art work purchased by Art Dealers for corporate locations such as this prestegious Iberia Bank in Greenville, SC.

Art Consultants

Working with a professional team to create the best work for a specific location, including following the requests of color scheme from the interior designer.


I was born in South Bridge Massachusetts, grew up in a quaint new England town complete with stonewall lined pastures and harsh winters, spent my teen years on a 87 acre farm full of rolling hills in Upstate New York. I then moved to the semi tropical growing city of Greenville, South Carolina while traveling back in forth to Marion, IN for collage. Where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Illustration from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2016.

The way that I have developed my style has evolved over the years, ten years since I’ve started painting in Acrylic, back when I was living in New York! After taking to heart my study in Illustration and an Art Survey of the Impressionist class I developed an emotive way of establishing a painting, pulling from my connection with the landscape to establish an impressive sense of mood.

In the Dead of Winter.jpg
early sun.jpg
Yellow Grass in Autumn.jpg

Artist Statement

Living in the countryside has always compelled me to explore the connection that nature holds to happiness and perceptions of beauty. In my paintings, I am dedicated to capturing the excitement of seeing something for the first time. Inspired by my travels and the local swamp-like landscape: the intricacies of the flora and fungi in relation to the sky capture my particular interest. Central to my work is to convey a unique sense of mood by illustrating the ebb and flow of seasons and time of day through bold color schemes and expressive marks.

Available work.

Please contact for details.

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Summer Haze.jpg
winter water.jpg
Summer .jpg
River Bank (Lake Keowee Toxaway) .jpg
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