Q & A With the Art Cellar Gallery

 Q&A for the Art Cellar



Where are you from and how did you get into the arts?

I was born in South Bridge, Massachusetts. Lived in a little town in Massachusetts until I was 12. My parents had a dream to run their own businesses: So I spent most of my teen years on a farm / daycare in Upstate NY where I excelled in art fairs and competitions. One national competition lead me and my family to move to Greenville, SC. I then studied Art and Design, majoring in Illustration at Indiana Wesleyan University. I have been out of college for almost two years now. Living in Greenville and pursuing a career as a painter. 


Artist Statement: 

Living in the country has always compelled me to explore the connection that nature holds to happiness and perception of beauty. In my paintings, I am dedicated to capturing the excitement of seeing something for the first time, along with the intricacies of the flora and fungi surrounding the southern landscapes, particularly in regions where water meets land. My work is about conveying a unique sense of mood, while storytelling the beauty of changing seasons, time of day, and the ebb and flow of the surrounding vegetation though bold color schemes, and expressive marks.


How do you approach a blank canvas?

For my pantings, I always reference my own photos, often sketching out thumbnail compositions- movement is a big part of my work so it is essential that the beginnings flow together to lead the eye around. 

magnolia scene.jpg

How long do you spend working on a piece?

Some can be finished in a day others a few months. 



What medium do you use and why do you love it ? 

I use acrylic on wood. I’ve been using professional acrylics since I was about 14 years old living in the town where Golden Paints were made, a friend worked there and gave me the paints for free! I do experiment with other media from time to time but I feel my work in acrylic is the strongest. As for the surface, I am using wooden panels because I prefer a smooth sturdy surface, that can be hung easily. 



What gets you in the mood to paint?

Getting outside and exploring nature, I have a goal to plain air paint more in the spring! 


Are there any other artists whose work you take inspiration in? 


Local artists: Joseph Bradley, Meredith Piper, Emily Jeffords, Dorothy Shain 

Not Local: Lulie wallace, Michelle Morin, Hester Berry, Richard Claremont, Nikolay Andreychikov, Liana Steinmetz, Jennifer J. L. Jones, Clifford How, Sarah Delaney


What is your dream?

To make a living with my artwork; selling paintings to private collectors, art collectors, and interior designers, also collaborating with my mom, to get a Children’s book published. 


Artist Advice:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

“Never complain, compare or conclude” - Ron Mazellan 


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.03.58 AM.png

Newest Painting Visual Process


From the first coat of paint on the left to the final painting on the right.


And everything in between. 

Flat Out Under Pressure


 On Friday, June 23rd, I participated in a 24-hour art-making juried competition at the Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville SC. Where the works were juried, and all submitted works were displayed at the MAC Gallery until July 21th, 2017.Durring the award ceremony I was awarded one of the 2017 Exhibition Committee Awards for my watercolor/and acrylic 8x10 painting "Givhans Ferry Stream" 

Greenville Children's Dentist Brochure

This was an illustration commission for a local Greenville Dentist Facility. I illustrated 14 dentist instruments, a portrait of a girl opening her mouth to get her teeth examined, and two room interiors: the dentist room and a personal bathroom, emphasizing on the toothbrush. The client wanted strong, simplified line for a more graphic and childlike look. These illustrations will be used as a informative brochure for Children learning about the importance of teeth health.